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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm with Visitors

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm with Visitors Dogs are a wonderful part of the family. They show their affection in many ways. With so much love to give, they want to jump on everyone. While it may seem cute at first, this is not a good behavior long-term. Jumping can...

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Nail Clipping for Dogs – Helpful Tips

Nail Clipping for Dogs At TLC, we know that your dogs are more than just pets; they are family members. And because you want to care for them like one of the family, you do what you can to make sure that they look and feel their best. Nail clipping for dogs is more...

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Keeping Your Dog Cool

Are You Keeping Your Dog Cool Enough? Your dog has been with you through thick and thin and it’s only natural to want to reward him with road trip fun or time at the beach. But when things outdoors get steamy, it’s easy for him to become dangerously overheated. Are...

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Redirected Aggression in Pets

Redirected Aggression in Pets Perhaps this has happened to you. You come home and find your mild-mannered pet has ravaged a curtain or torn apart a shoe from your closet - objects she has never paid attention to before. What is going on here? It could well be a case...

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Raising a Puppy

Raising a Puppy If You Want a Great Dog, Raise a Good Puppy Raising a puppy sounds like a good ole' time of throwing a ball and watching him scurry after it. We all know how holding a sweet puppy can just melt your heart. However, there is so much more to raising a...

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Spay and Neuter for Dogs: What You Need to Know

Spay or Neuter for Dogs: What You Need to Know It has become a widely held belief that every pet owner should spay or neuter their dog without question. However, what spay and neuter advocates won't tell you are some of the risks. Along with the benefits, there are...

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