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(480) 608-5885 / TLC House & Pet Sitting Service

TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC is a growing business that focuses on providing high-quality pet-sitting services to our valued clientele. We are looking for qualified, professional independent contractors to work with our company. Please review our service area as we only work with sitters that live in our service area.

Please NO calls about being a pet sitter. 


TLC sitters provide trusted, personalized care for clients’ homes and display a loving, caring disposition with their pets while they are away. Personalized care includes: providing fresh food, water, TLC / attention, playtime, as well as yard/litter box clean-up. Other responsibilities may include behavior modification, medication administration, and/or additional duties as assigned by the client. Please see our service page for types of visits.

Types of  Pet Sitters:

DAILY/VacationDaily sitters provide service at the pet owner’s home a duration of 30-60 minutes for each visit/ 1-3 visits per day/ for 1 day to 3 weeks or more in length.  Clients can request visits between the hours of 6am -8pm; morning visits (usually between 6am-9am), mid-day visits (usually between 11am-2pm) and evening visits (usually between 3pm-8pm).   Daily sitters must be available for all 3 time frames.  This does not mean you can work weekends only. The client can be gone for a week and you need to be available to pet sit for a week, possibly 2-3 times a day for that client while they are gone. We do not share jobs.


MID-DAY SITTER: Sitters must be available (Monday through Sunday.  Most visits are usually between 10am-3pm. Usually combined with Daily visit or Overnight service.

OVERNIGHT SITTER: Sitters will stay/sleep at the client’s home for duration of 10-12 hours from evening to morning.  Sitters must have their own place to live, as this is supplemental income only.  You may stay at one client’s home from 1 night up to 10+ nights consecutively depending on how long the client’s reservation is.  You can work a 9-5 job and still be an overnight sitter.

 IC  Requirements: 

  • Must reside in our service areas and provide service within a 5-10 mile radius from your home. See the map of our service area above.
  • Sitters must be available for assignments per each client’s instructions.  All visit time frames are based on the number and type of pets.
  • Available for all MAJOR holidays and rarely travel.
  •  Prefer volunteer and/or has pet care experience with local vet clinics, animal shelters, groomers, pet stores, etc.
  • Legal age to sign contracts -prefer 25 years or older
  • Detail-oriented, organized, strong time-management skills, and able to follow specific instructions.
  • Preferred experience in the administration of injections for both cats and dogs and oral medication.
  •  Must be able to pass a background check and have excellent references.
  • Must be able to be bonded and Insured for pet sitting.
  • Committed to contracting with TLC and it’s clients.
  •  Have a reliable car, a cell phone (smartphone preferred), access to the internet, and the ability to check e-mail daily.
  • All services are contracted and commission-based. We do not guarantee any steady income as this is supplemental income only.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Mature, responsible, self-motivated, and professional adult.
  • Quick thinker with a LOT common sense approach to problem-solving.
  • Strong sales skills and positive attitude.
  • Outgoing personality and an animal lover (cats and dogs especially).
  • Capable of walking two large, energetic dogs (50lbs +) at once.
  • Non-smoker(preferred) who is neat, tidy, and respectful of clients’ homes.
  • Pet CPR and First Aid certification preferred and not required

TO BE A PET SITTER FOR TLC.  We have a very detailed process.  Serious applicants only! 

TLC’s independent contracted pet-sitting professionals set a standard of excellence in pet care. A TLC representative will respond to inquiries that meet our needs for availability, area, and experience.

We thank you for your interest in being an independent contractor with TLC in a rewarding opportunity.