Call our office 480-588-1364 Ext 0. for a quote or  request a consultation today! 

Thank you for inquiring about our services.  Please fill out a request form for services and an someone from our office will contact you during office hours. If this is an emergency please call 480-588-1364 Ext. 1 for urgent calls (less than 3 business days and/ or 2 weeks for overnight and holiday care for pet sitting).  

Request form for new clients

TLC believes it is very important that your pet(s) and the pet sitter build a positive relationship during your consultation. Our mission is to offer a quality experience and trusted personalized care for your pet and home.

Gather Before Your Consultation

• Pet’s daily routine (food location and amount, behavioral or medical concerns)
• Emergency phone numbers (cell, hotel, friends, family, etc.)
• Vet and/or specialist information for your pet(s)
• Collect and test two copies of keys to your home

During Your Consultation
• Allow the sitter to become familiar with your pets and home
• Go over your home, pet, vet, and emergency information
• Provide two keys to your home