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Gilbert Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

Your Gilbert Pet Sitters Are Professional, Experienced, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

TLC Pet Sitters verifies references and performs background checks on all of our Gilbert house and pet sitters and dog walkers through a leading national service so that you don’t have to! Here is some information about our Gilbert Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters. We pet sit in these Gilbert zip codes 85233,85234,85295,85296, 85297, and 85298.

TLC’s Gilbert pet sitters are dedicated, patient, mature, responsible, and reliable adults who have a sincere desire to work with people and animals. Our Gilbert house and pet sitters have maintained strong relationships with our clients by displaying a professional and friendly appearance when interacting with them.



Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Mid-Day,  Overnight Visits

TLC Pet Sitter

Jenny Ngo is a pet sitter/house sitter living in Gilbert, Arizona. She completed her master's degree in Social Work at Arizona State University in May 2023. She is originally from Southern California but has been living in Arizona for about 8 years. Jenny works for the Maricopa County Crisis Hotline as a hotline specialist and intends to get her licensure to be an LMSW. She currently lives with her family with no pets at this time. She is looking to fill this void (animals at home) and care for other people's pets just as she owns them. Jenny has been living vicariously through her older sister who has two dogs that she occasionally pet sits for, one of them having Valley Fever who she has learned to provide oral medication. She has a history of working with animals thanks to the trust of family and friends who would ask her to petsit for them. She recently completed an internship during her graduate school program with ASU as a veterinary social work intern at 1st Pet Veterinary Centers and is Fear Free certified. Jenny being Fear Free certified means she will observe a pet’s behavior and strictly avoids doing any kind of action that can invoke fear in your beloved pet. Jenny naturally loves animals since she was little and was always drawn to understanding the relationships between pets and humans. Through her experience as a veterinary social work intern, she has understood how impactful pets can bring joy to lives. Jenny has experience working with small to medium-sized dogs, providing oral medication to dogs with Valley Fever, feeding fish, and working with cats (friendly or shy). Jenny's pet/house sits in Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Mid-Day, Overnight Visits

TLC Pet Sitter

Max Frontino is a pet sitter in the Chandler area. He currently works at Phoenix Children's Hospital as an Ophthalmology Technician, and Doctors scribe. He has one cat and two cats. Growing up he was lucky enough to be around horses and be on a ranch for the better part of 15 years living in Santa Fe New Mexico. For many years he has been the pet sitter for family, friends, and coworkers. Having worked in the medical industry I'm very familiar with various medications, injections, and procedures, as well as understanding the importance of proper timely medical care, animals or humans. He can't imagine a world without animals They are more than just pets, or animals, they are family. He has experience with Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Lizards. Max will be petting in Chandler and Gilbert.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Mid-Day

TLC Pet Sitter

Patrice Orton is from Northern California but has lived in AZ for almost 22 years. She is a functional medicine trained health coach with a passion for helping people (and her dogs) live healthy, vibrant lives. She is the mother of three adult children and one teenager and shares her house with four dogs. They are a motley crew, ranging from two large young dogs, a Black Mouth Cur and an Ibizan Hound mix, to a 12-year-old mini Dachshund and her daughter’s 1-year-old Terrier Mix. Patrice has lived with dogs most of her adult life and with cats, dogs, goats, and chickens when she was growing up. She has experience with the post-op care of surgery with stitches, and TPLO surgery for large dogs, and lots of experience with administering oral medications and supplements, and remedies applied to skin allergy. She finds time spent walking her dogs to be both healing and stress-relieving. Patrice is a dog walker and pet sitter in Gilbert, AZ.

Jessica M.

Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Mid-Day, Overnight Visits

TLC Pet Sitter

Jessica has lived in Gilbert, AZ her whole life. She is currently enrolled in the vet assistant/ vet tech program. She is an ASU graduate with a degree in applied biological sciences. Jessica spent her entire high school and college years volunteering at an animal shelter where she worked with dogs by feeding, medicating, and playing with them. She has three dogs of her own- Phoebee, a 7 1/2-year-old boxer/hound mix, Willie, a 1 1/2-year-old heeler mix, and Blake, a 1-year-old German shepherd/ rottweiler mix. She has pet sat for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, and birds. She is passionate about animals and will treat any animal like it is her own. Jessica currently pet-sits in Gilbert and Mesa.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Mid-day visits, Dog Walking, and House Visits

Kimberly has always had a love for animals. She currently has two dogs, a horse and a cat. She says that although she doesn’t consider Fleetwood, her horse, a pet, “he is my teacher and training partner.” Kimberly’s cat, who was once a feral cat that hung around outside, never letting anyone close, decided one day to jump up on Kimberly’s lap, and has been part of the family ever since. Her two dogs are both rescue dogs - a long-hair Chihuahua and a 30-pound Pomeranian. Friends and family have entrusted their beloved pets to her care because she treats them as her own. Kimberly finds that being able to assist pet owners with their pet sitting or dog walking needs is a great reward, and she enjoys being around all types of animals. 


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Mid-day,  Overnight Care, Dog Walking, and House Visits

TLC Pet Sitters
Terry Golladay was born and raised in Texas but had the good sense to move to Arizona in 1994. Recently retired after 30+ years in the airline industry, he is focusing on his true passion which is the care and well being of our furry (and not so furry) friends. He has always had one or more pets in his life including dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, the occasional horned toad, even a tarantula at one point and they were all rescues in some manner. He currently shares his home (or is it the other way around?) with two rescue cats who don’t really care for the other and compete for his attention. He is patient and nurturing and looks forward to providing the best possible experience for your pets. He is available in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Mid-day, and House Visits

Pet Sitter

Hello, my name is Gwyn Jent. I am originally from Arkansas. I have lived in Arizona for 20 years. I am currently working as a dental assistant at Red Mountain Family Dental. I have been in the dental field for 10 years. I am married and have two sons. We share our home with two dogs. One-year-old Lulu (fawn pug) and one-year-old Cooper (black pug). Animals have always been a passion of mine. We always had some kind of animals in the house, ranging from cats, dogs, lizards, gerbils, and hamsters. I have been asked many times to help watch family and friends' animals while they are away. Animals are part of the family and need to be cared for when the owners are away with lots of love and tenderness.  I have experience with post-op care and giving prescription medications when needed. I am available to pet sit in Mesa.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Mid-day, Overnight Care, Dog Walking, and House Visits

TLC Pet Sitters
Deanna was born in South Dakota, lived in California for 10 years, found her way to the pacific northwest for 20 years, and on to Arizona in 2019. She retired after 26 years in the airline industry. Deanna’s mom has lived with her since 2014.

Deanna has volunteered with rescue organizations since 2006. Deanna ran the adoption program at PetSmart for a local shelter and a rehabilitation program for inmates, allowing them to care for cats, kittens, and dogs from the shelter. She has fostered bottle babies, injured and ill cats, and can give oral meds and injections. Deanna is also a pet sitter for friends and family.

She is the mother of four rescue cats: Squeaky, Percy, Pia, and Kea. She also owned a rescued black lab named Sam and a greyhound (straight from the track) named Dakota. She is the “go-to” person for animal advice – fondly known to her friends and family as the crazy cat lady.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Mid-Day,  Overnight Visits, and House visits 

TLC Pet Sitter
Madison is an Arizona native and has lived in Gilbert her whole life. She is earning her post bacc to continue on to a Masters program for Communication Disorders. She hopes to become a speech therapist. Madison also works as a substitute for multiple schools in the Gilbert Public School district as well as the Phoenix area. Madison has raised and cared for a multitude of pets including fish, a bearded dragon, chickens, rats, horses and dogs. In addition She has cared for cats. In the past she has volunteered at Friends for Life as a dog walker and donated dog food. Before coming to the TLC team, Madison watched pets, building her own small group of clientele by word of mouth for over 5+ years. Currently Madison lives at home with her Terrier mix, Scrappy and Sheepadoodle, Tennyson. Madison offers daily, mid-day and overnight visits.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Mid-day, Dog Walking, and House Visits

pet sitter

Sarah was born and raised in rural Iowa before moving to the East Valley over 15 years ago. Growing up on a farm, she was always surrounded by animals. She has a soft spot for rescue dogs and is the unofficial pet sitter for friends and family. She has experience with cats, senior dogs and injectable medications. She is excited to be able to help care for your pets while you are away in Chandler and Gilbert.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Overnight Care, and House Visits

Pet Sitter TLC Pet Sitters
Kara Taylor is a caregiver for seniors while in their homes and sometimes that means she cares for their pets too. She developed a love for animals growing up with dogs, cats, fish and lizards. As she is not able to have pets of her own she enjoys time with animals thru pet sitting. She will love your animals as her own. She was a pet sitter for a family with 2 dogs that she cared for regularly back in Northern California where she is from. She relocated to Arizona over a year ago. She is available to pet sit in Chandler and Gilbert.


Daily Vacation Visits, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Mid-Day,  Overnight Visits,

TLC Pet Sitter

Kristen Kidney is an Arizona native. She was born in Scottsdale, AZ, and moved to Chandler, AZ when she was a little girl. She is currently studying Business with a concentration in communications as a senior at W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Her family has 2 pups, an Old English Sheepdog (2) and a Shih Tzu (12) that she rescued from her previous job. Growing up, she has always been around animals. Her family used to have 3 red-eared slider aquatic turtles, 3 bearded dragons, 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats, 3 hermit crabs, a garter snake, and 3 dogs! She has tons of animal experience just from living at home and from her veterinary experience. Kristen spent 2 years working at Arizona Avenue Animal Clinic where she was cross-trained in all 3 positions that were offered. She worked as a Veterinary Assistant, Boarding Technician, and Client Service Representative. She administered oral medications, and subcutaneous fluids, started IVs, took blood draws, and fecal samples, gave vaccines, and injections, assisting during surgery, post-op care, and physical therapy for pets who have undergone surgery. She has worked with pretty much every dog breeds under the sun and has loved every second of it. Kristen also has experience working with larger animals such as horses. She previously volunteered to work at a boarding stable and cared for over 30 horses each morning. She would muck stalls, feed, bathed, water, and exercise all of the horses. Kristen is very comfortable with all sorts of animals including reptiles. Kristen sits in Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa.


Daily Vacation visits, Cat visits, Overnight visits, and House visits

TLC Pet Sitter Staff
Rebecca is an Arizona Native and grew up on a farm in Gilbert, she is very fond of Gilbert and still calls this area home. Rebecca has over 40 years of extensive animal care experience with large and small livestock and a variety of pets. She has cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish, birds, chickens, ducks, cattle, horses, donkeys, sheep, and hogs. She is CPR and Pet First Aid Certified and can administer injectable and pill medications to your pet(s). Rebecca is excited to assist you with your pet and house-sitting needs. Rebecca provides service in Gilbert, Part of Mesa, and Chandler.
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