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TLC verifies references and performs background checks on all of our pet sitters through a leading national service, so that you don’t have to!  Here is some information about each of our Tempe’s Pet Sitters.

TLC’s Tempe pet sitters are dedicated, patient, mature, responsible, and reliable adults who have a sincere desire to work with people and animals. Our pet sitters have maintain strong relationships with our clients by displaying a professional and friendly appearance when interacting with them.

Molly: Daily, Mid-day and Dog walker

Molly Fulton recently relocated back to Tempe after a 30 year trek across the country.  She has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, with interest focused on Long Term Care.  For the past 2 years she has been assisting her mother full time, who is dealing with memory issues.  Part of this assistance has been the care of moms 7 cats!  Molly is familiar with insulin injections, as well as other medication regimes.  Prior to becoming a Cat Lady, Molly was a dog person!  She raised four German Shepherd Dogs over the past 20 years.  She believes big dogs need to be good citizens, and she enjoyed training her dogs to be just that.  Molly learned dog training through obedience classes as well as books.  She has pet sat for her friends and family for over 20 years.   In addition to GSDs, Molly has had a Toy Poodle, a West Highland Terrier, and a Jack Russell/beagle mix.  Gerbils and Hamsters were also a staple in her childhood home, as well as about a million kittens.  Molly believes pets are like children, they are part of the family.  As such, they are lifelong commitments that will provide you with the unwavering love and companionship, and the need to be loved back.  Molly provides daily and mid-day visits and dog walking, in Tempe, Chandler and Ahwatukee.

Nancy: Daily, Mid-day and Overnight Sitter

Nancy has lived in Chandler for the past 10 years.  Before that she was in El Paso, Texas for 40 years.  While in El Paso, she graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Master’s in Education, taught middle school students, and raised her family.  Her family always included pets (mainly cats and one German shepherd that delivered 10 puppies one Christmas Eve).  Since retiring and moving to Phoenix, she has had more free time to help with animal groups.  She has fostered baby kittens and cats, worked with TNR programs through the Animal Welfare League, and has helped with adoptions.  Through friends and family, she has house and pet sat while they were on vacations.  At present, she has three older cats.  Lenny was one of her first Phoenix foster kittens, Coffee and Mora came with her from El Paso as kittens.  Her love of and dedication to animals makes her thoughtful and thorough with the care of any animal.  She will be working in the Chandler area with

Amy Blodgett: Daily, Mid-day, Dog walker and Overnight visits

Amy BlodgettAlthough Amy Blodgett grew up in a suburb of Washington DC, she has lived in Tempe, Arizona for 35 years. As a semi-retired business owner of a screen printing business, Amy pursued pet sitting as a natural solution to her desire for a more joyful and fulfilling career path. Her family lightheartedly refers to Amy as “the pet whisperer,” as she inspires near-instant loyalty from any animal that comes into their home. Amy’s family has two dogs (a black Lab named Crash and a Maltipoo named Missy), as well as three cats (Sam, Bob and Obiwan). In years past, Amy and her family have also cared for amsters and ferrets. Amy has amazed her husband for years with her knowledge of dog breeds, gleaned from books growing up, as well as her compassion for all animals. Before joining the TLC team, Amy has provided occasional pet sitting for friends, and through their friends by recommendation. Amy has worked both with animals needing injections and special diets. Amy is looking forward to providing your pet  with all of the affection and attention he or she deserves. Amy Blodgett pet sits in Tempe as well as parts of Ahwatukee and Chandler.

Gretchen Littlefield: Daily. Mid-day. Dog walker

Gretchen Littlefield and her cat, Aubie, moved to Arizona from Charleston, S.C. 8 years ago. Aubie is a great travel buddy and enjoys vacations with his mom. Gretchen has been in the food and beverage industry for 33 years. She enjoys watching sports, playing golf, and loves finding new adventures in Arizona. She grew up in a small town in South Carolina and is familiar with horses and a variety of farm animals, as well as, dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, pigeons, and turtles. Living in the country provided the luxury of caring for any animal that happened to wander into the area of the Littlefield home. Gretchen has cared for pets of friends in the past and each time she enjoys the cute personalities that shine through in each pet. She looks forward to providing daily visits in the Tempe and Chandler areas.

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