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(480) 608-5885 / TLC House & Pet Sitting Service

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Pet Sitting Services Include (and are not limited to):
Fresh food, water, exercise (playing/dog walking)
LOTS of love and attention
Administration of medication (oral & injections)
Lots of play time and potty breaks for puppies
Clean litter boxes
Maintain your natural home environment
Provide a report per visit at the client’s home notifying the client of the pet’s behaviors
Pet Sitters can call to check in with nervous parents
24 Hour voice mail for clients to leave a message for their sitter
Home security including adjusting lights/blinds
Arming and disarming the security system
Work with cleaning, pool, and landscaping services to ensure jobs are satisfactory
Trash to the curb
Indoor and outdoor plant care
Collection of a daily newspaper, and mail so your home appears “lived in” while you were away

Call our office today for a personal quote. 480-608-5885 Ext. 0.  M-F 9 am- 5 pm or fill out a New Client Request for service.  Last-minute requests are subject to a late booking fee.  

Hours of Pet Sitting
TLC provides pet care, in your home, for your pets 365 days a year, 7 days a week, including holidays from 6 am-8 pm. Typical visits are usually:

Morning visits: 6am-10am
Mid-day: 11 am-2 pm
Evening: 3 pm-8 pm
Once: 8 am-8 pm for CATS only

The pets we care for are: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Turtles, Ferrets, Gerbils, and Hamsters. Call our office if your pet is not listed here.

Types of Visits

Vacation/Daily Visit: We would love to spend time with your pet(s) in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening. Our pet sitters can visit the home one, two, or three times per day. Some pets may only need service every other day (dogs are excluded for your pet’s health and safety)!

Mid-day Visit: This visit is a potty/walk break while the client is away at work, or for pets such as puppies or senior pets that need extra TLC during the day.
Dog Walking: We will walk your dog in your neighborhood on a regular basis. Many clients may have a long commute, work long hours, or have become physically unable to walk their dogs. Our pet sitters are dedicated to giving your pets the extra care and walking that they need when you are unable to.

Overnight Visit: Our sitter arrives after dinner and stays until the morning. This visit works best for pets that may need extra time spent with them during the evening hours, who have separation anxiety, who need more exercise, or for dogs that are created. The overnight visit does NOT include a mid-day visit, but one may be added

House Visits: Many of our clients own second homes, rental properties, and/or investment properties in the Valley but do not live in the Valley year-round. To protect their valuable investments, these clients rely on our professional house-sitting services. Our sitters will visit the home as needed and perform a thorough check of the property including home security checks, alternating lights and/or blinds, bringing in newspapers, and pool checks. Our sitters will oversee any other home care services such as yard, cleaning, or pool care in order to verify that the services are performed to the client’s satisfaction. Clients have peace of mind in knowing that their most valuable investments are under the care of our experienced, trustworthy, and reliable sitters.

Dog Walking/Corporate Business Travel: We cater our services to any on-the-go professional’s schedule. Clients who travel frequently for business or work long hours depend on our loving sitters to give their beloved pets the much-needed TLC while they are away. Not only do their pets enjoy the extra attention, but our clients have a peace-of-mind knowing that their pets are well taken care of. Our clients can concentrate on their work guilt-free. Many of our busy professional clients enjoy the convenience of reserving pet-sitting services and paying online.

Puppy / Senior Care: Puppies and senior pets can be so much fun but require lots of extra attention and guidance. While puppies’ bodies are growing and developing it is important to provide stimulation and exercise while limiting their exposure to other animals and environmental hazards. As your beloved senior pets age, they require more attention, medication, and potty breaks. Our clients rely on the services of our loving, experienced sitters to care for their puppies and seniors while they are at work or traveling.

Call our office today for a personal quote. 480-608-5885 Ext. 0.  M-F 9 am- 5 pm or fill out a New Client Request for service.