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Living With a Mischievous Dog

Your Mischievous Dog Over the years, we’ve had several dogs in our family.  Some are sweet and affectionate, while others are mischievous and naughty.  Others are a cute mixture.  It’s those mischievous dogs that you have to look out for.  We’ve...

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Hiking With Your Dog

Going Hiking With Your Dog If you live in Arizona, you know there are several spots to go hiking with your dog. There's Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, the trails leading up to Flat Iron, Browns Peak, and several others. Just like human hikers, dogs need the right...

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Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs We all know that dogs are amazing. Even as close as we are to our trusted companions, we think you may not yet know these fun facts about dogs. Dogs Understand Us Did you know that dogs can learn up to 1,000 words? If you've ever thought that Fido...

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Why Not a Dog Park?

Why Not a Dog Park? The Reasons We Warn Against Them When we think about taking our dog to a dog park we begin to conjure ideas of our pet frolicking with other dogs.  We tend to believe that this will be a great experience for them and that they'll be a happier...

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Hazards of Christmas Decorations for Pets

Hazards of Christmas Decorations for Pets Including the Not So Obvious Ones The Christmas and holiday season is upon us.  If you're like many, there are time honored traditions visible in most corners of your home.  From the fresh cut Christmas tree to the twinkly...

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Holiday Foods for Pets

Holiday Foods for Pets What's Safe and What to Avoid With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may be doing a lot of menu planning.  Many of the holidays have traditions surrounding food, and none more so than Thanksgiving. You may be already aware that there are...

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