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(480) 608-5885 / TLC House & Pet Sitting Service


We are proud to offer the following services for you and your pets.

DOG WALKING | $25 for 30 minutes

Do you have a long commute, work long hours, or have become physically unable to walk your dogs? Your TLC Dog Walker will come to your home to give your beloved dog attention and a long walk in your neighborhood for exercise and stimulation. During extremely hot weather, your dog walker will spend the time indoors playing with your dog. Dogs enjoy the extra attention, and you can relax knowing your pets are in good hands. Our busy clients enjoy the convenience of reserving dog walking services and a monthly payment plan.  This rate does not apply for daily vacation and overnight visits.  This is only for regular weekly dog walking. 
  • Great for keeping dogs on a routine.
  • Convenient! Service renews each month. No calls to make and no checks to write.
  • Saves money! Receive discounted rates for making a monthly booking.
Available Monday through Friday from 11am-3pm. If you need additional times, please contact our office.

To receive a 10% discount, you must schedule for at least three times per week with a monthly booking to qualify for this rate. For other visit configurations, the regular pet sitting rate will apply.

30-Minute Visits | $25 per visit for 1 visit per week or more, scheduled monthly / Perfect for active dogs, puppies, and seniors.

 60-Minute Visits | $36 per visit / Just right for frisky dogs that need lots of exercise and attention, or are crated.

  • Need a specific time? No problem! Just add $5 to your visit price if it is after 9pm or before 6am.
  • Need occasional dog walking? We can do that! Regular pet sitting rate applies.
  • $3 per each additional dog walked together, or $4 per each additional dog walked separately.

DAILY / VACATION PET CARE VISITS | $26 for 30-40 minutes

When you are away from home for long hours or even days, your TLC Sitter will come to your home, play with your pets, walk your dog(s), replenish food and water, administer medicines, clean litter boxes or poop in the yard, and most importantly, give them lots of TLC and attention. We will ‘treat’ your pets as if you have never left! We will visit 3-4 times a day. At every visit your sitter will email you detailed notes regarding their visit.

We will also bring in your mail, take out the trash, and water a few indoor plants at no extra charge. Our visits are scheduled no more than 12 hours apart – for example, if your pooch was visited at 8 pm, your Pet Sitter’s next visit would be no later than 8am the following morning.

This service covers one dog or two cats.

  • $4 per each additional dog
  • $1 each cat
  • $3 each cage
  • $3 each rabbit
Available Sunday to Saturday: Morning (between 6 & 9am), Mid-Day (between 11am & 2pm, or Evenings (between 5 & 8pm).

30-Minute Visits | $26 per visit / Perfect for active dogs and energetic puppies. A great 2nd visit for puppies in training. 20-40 minutes for 1 to 3 pets.

60-Minute Visits | $39 per visit / Just right for multiple animals, frisky dogs that need lots of exercise and attention, crated dogs, and for birds to clean up messes, prepare food for feeding and cover for the night.  Also a perfect dinner visit for folks that have a long day at work.

CAT SITTING & SMALL ANIMAL| $26 for 30 minutes

Your TLC Pet Sitter will come to your home to feed and water your kitty or small animal and will play with them and give them lots of love. We’ll also scoop the litter, bring in the mail, take out the trash and water a few indoor plants at no extra charge.

  • $26 for 2 cats 
  • $1 each additional cat (+3 or more cat(s))
  • $3 per additional tank or cage for small pets
  • $3 per additional bird(s) cage
Available Sunday to Saturday: Morning (between 6am & 9am), Late Morning (between 9am & 11am), Mid-Day (between 11am & 2pm), Late Afternoon (between 3pm & 5pm), Evening (between 5pm & 8pm) or Once a Day (8am-8pm)

30-Minute Visits| $26 per visit / Great for cats that like to be social and have some company while they eat.

60-Minute Visits| $39 per visit / Just right for kittens and cats that are extremely social and get lonely for company. Great for new kittens and affectionate cats with separation anxiety, and a requirement for more than 10 cats.

OVERNIGHT VISITS | $89 per night

Overnight visits are for those furry friends who like company throughout the night. Rest easy when you are away from home knowing that your animals, and your home, are in our care. Your TLC Sitter will arrive after dinner and stay until the morning. This type of visit works best for pets that may need extra time spent with them during the evening hours, who have separation anxiety, who need more exercise, or for dogs that are crated. The overnight visit does NOT include a mid-day visit, but one may be added.
Our Overnight Visit availability fills up quickly, so make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure that you get a spot!

  • For when you want the added security for your home and pets
  • For pets that have never been left alone at night before and need extra attention or created.
  • Designed to care for your home and pets and for completing minor household tasks while your family is away
  • If your pet needs a potty break midday you can schedule an additional midday visit. See pet sitting rates for mid-day prices.
  • $4 each additional dog.
  • $2 over 3 cats inside
  • $3 for each bird cage
Available Sunday to Saturday, usually from 6pm/8pm- 6am/8am.
Your sitter will be at your home for 10-12 hours.

HOUSE SITTING | $22 per visit

Many of our clients own second homes, rental properties, or investment properties in the Phoenix East Valley, but do not live in the area year-round. To protect their valuable investments, our clients rely on our professional house-sitting services to visit the home as needed (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and perform a thorough check of the property. Our sitters will also oversee any other home-care services you have contracted, such as yard, cleaning, or pool care and will verify that the services are performed to the client’s satisfaction. Clients have peace-of-mind in knowing that their most valuable investments are under the care of our experienced, trustworthy, and reliable sitters.

Available as Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Visits



When we need to make extra trips to pick up keys. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable using the lock-box or TLC having a key on file. No worries! We’ll come and pick up your key in person before you depart as well as return it after you get back. Please schedule these times through the office.


Dirty litter is emptied and disposed of. The litter box is then scrubbed and sanitized and refilled per your instructions. This is wonderful for someone who is unable to care for the litter box or is pregnant.

INJECTION VISIT | $26 per visit

This for the pet that needs an injection to feed, and to make sure that that pet is ok. If you wish to combine this with a visit for other pets, call our office for a more accurate rate.


This fee is charged when the key you give us does not work and we must call a locksmith to come to the rescue to make sure your sitter has access to your home and pets. Maybe you changed the locks and forgot to tell us, or the key copy you made does not fit. TLC will meet the locksmith at your property and ensure that the property is secured after. Additional fees may apply for keys made or other services required from the locksmith.


We include watering up to five (5) indoor plants in your basic service, but do you have more plants or gardens that need attention while you’re gone? If so, we’re here for you!

SUPPLY TRIP FEE | $18 + cost of supplies

Maybe you need more pet food – you can count on us, we’ll get it for you. Although it is your responsibility to provide more than adequate amounts of food, litter, treats, medications, etc., we can replenish supplies for an additional fee. We’ll travel up to 10 miles from your home to replenish the supplies we need to care for your pets in your absence, but ONLY at your request!

HOLIDAY SERVICE FEE | $10 per Pet Sitting Visits / $25 per Overnight Visits

Holiday time is busy for everyone, including TLC Sitters, and we charge an extra fee to compensate them for working during this time.

TLC considers the following as holidays and are therefore subject to Holiday Service Fees:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day


Two- and four-hour blocks are offered for anything longer than an hour. Do you have a delivery expected or is the cable guy expected to arrive between 12p and 4p? We’ll do the waiting for you.


We understand that things come up. We’re more than happy to schedule pet care for last-minute needs, however we cannot guarantee that a sitter is going to be available on short notice, (though 99% of the time it really isn’t a problem). We also only schedule service during our regular business hours (9am-4pm, Monday through Friday).

VACUUMING SERVICE | $25 for up to 3,000 sf.

Isn’t it nice to return home to a freshly vacuumed house? Have your sitter vacuum it for you. The cost is for a home up to 3,000 square feet; if you have a bigger home that you would like vacuumed we can evaluate and provide you with a quote.


A consultation fee will apply for additional consults due to a change of address, new pets, and/or changed locks. Why? When you add a dog to the family, your TLC Pet Sitter will need to meet the dog with you before coming to the home when you are away. This is important so that your sitter can get to know the new dog to learn its behaviors, or special needs that may require extra care. We want to make sure we review all your instructions so we can care for your pets just as you would.


This fee is applied when a new or existing client needs a consultation meeting less than three days before leaving their home, or less than one week if they require overnight or holiday visits. Again, we understand that things come up, but we do not over-book our sitters, and schedules must be rearranged to accommodate last-minute service requests.


TLC Sitters will feed outdoor and feral cats for free if we are leaving a bowl of food. If different services are required, please call for a quote.

TLC Sitters Provide:

Daily/ Vacation Pet Sitting
Daily Dog Walking
Overnight Pet Care
 Mid-day visits 
 Cat Sitting 
♥ Injections 
House Sitting (no pets)

Why Hire a TLC Pet Sitter?

20+ Years of Experience
Reservations Online
 Pet CPR Certified 
 Prepared for Emergencies  
Bonded & Insured
Veterinarian Recommended
 Services Tailored for each client 

Pet Sitters can text client while away 
 FREE Consultation 
“A” Ratings at Angie’s List
Automatic notifications when sitter arrives and leaves your home

We Come to You

We come to you! Your Pet Sitter in Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and Scottsdale. Call to make your appointment today.

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