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Cat Safety Scottsdale AZKeeping your cat safe in Scottsdale AZ

A Scottsdale client recently told me a story of how his indoor / outdoor cat came home with scratches and bite marks after spending the night outside.  His cat really enjoyed the freedom and stimulation of being outdoors, but after several dangerous encounters, this client decided to keep his kitty indoors.

Many veterinarians agree that indoor cats live longer due to lower incidents of illness, accidents, and stress.  For a happier, healthier pet, consider keeping your cat indoors.

Here are 10 reasons to keep your cat safely indoors:

  1. Scottsdale cat coyotoe snakeCat Parasites – Fleas, tapeworms, hookworms, and other parasites live outside.
  2. Accidents – Car accidents are a common cause of injury and death for outdoor cats.
  3. Feline Infection & Disease – Contact with other animals carrying infections and diseases such as: rabies, leukemia virus, and cat AIDS.
  4. Poisoning – Ingestion or exposure of toxic chemicals and plants could occur.
  5. Cat Fights – Fights with other animals such as: cats, dogs, raccoons, and skunks.
  6. Cat Allergies – Some cats may develop allergy symptoms if outdoors for extended periods of time.
  7. Early Detection – If kept indoors, you may quickly notice any changes in your pet’s health and behavior, in order to treat illnesses earlier.
  8. Reduce Stress – The stable environment that only a pet owner can provide while indoors, results in less stress for your beloved cats.
  9. Cleaner Home – By reducing your cats’ exposure to the outdoors, you are ridding your home of possibly harmful elements such as: dirt, disease, and bacteria.
  10. Longer, Happier Life – The facts are simple.  By reducing the exposure to risks and stresses of the outdoors, you are providing a longer and happier life for your cat.

Making the decision to keep your cat indoors for safety and health reasons is a very personal choice – for you and your cat. In Scottsdale, we have coyotes, feral cats and homeless dogs, raccoons and other hungry animals roaming about – not to mention the occasional rattlesnake! Give us a call at TLC Pet Sitter for tips and advice for keeping your cat safe.