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3 Veterinarian Recommended Toys for CatsCat Sitting

Your cat needs regular exercise and mental stimulation daily.  The veterinarians at vetinfo.com recommend 3 different types of cat exercise toys, which will help your cat to maintain his or her weight, improve overall health, fight off illness, and spend quality time bonding with you.

1.       “Fishing Rod” – This classic cat toy allows for hours of healthy play with your cat.  It is comprised of any small cat toy attached by a string to a wand or rod that the owner holds.  The rod allows for a safe distance between cat and owner, so the cat is free to jump and chase the toy.

2.       “Spring Toys” – These plastic coated spring toys which are designed to entertain cats, allows cats to bounce the toy around the room and carry their “prey” in their mouths.

3.       “Lasers” – Lasers can provide both mental stimulation and healthy exercise if used properly.  Cats enjoy chasing lasers around the room endlessly.  Owners should use lasers responsibly and remember not to shine them in any cat’s or human’s eyes.  Also, when ending the game, owners should redirect their cat’s attention because many cats will simply wait and watch for a laser to reappear for hours.  Lastly, owners should be sure to point the laser only where it is safe for the cat to follow and never in hard to reach or dangerous places.

For more information on this topic as well as many others, please visit: www.vetinfo.com