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Best Dog Parks in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for the best dog parks in Scottsdale, you’re in the right place. The city of Scottsdale loves its furry residents. It provides three dog parks maintained by the city. Each park has its own unique parks, but all three are regularly cleaned and cared for by the city.

Chaparral Dog Park

Chaparral is Scottsdale’s most popular dog park. With three acres of grassy play area and doggy water fountains, it’s easy to see why! Regular patrons of Chaparral Dog Park love that it features two separate areas for active dogs and passive dogs. So, if you have a small or older dog, you can still give him or her off-leash time without having to worry about bigger, more energetic dogs getting in the way. If you do have a big, boisterous pup, though, it’s good to keep in mind that there are more “playmates” available on weekends. Chapparal Dog Park is located on the southeast corner of Hayden Road & McDonald Drive.

Horizon Dog Park

The Horizon Dog Park is the smaller of the three parks, but it’s a good place to stop by if you live in the area. There are more shaded areas than at Chaparral, but only about 50-75 percent of Horizon Park’s dog area has grass. The rest of it can be fairly dusty. There is a dust-control sprinkler that park patrons can use to limit the amount of dust in the air, but not a lot of people know about it. Because there are more dirt patches, you’ll also want to go to a different park for 2 or 3 days after it rains, or else it’ll be very muddy. Any other day, be mindful of the red clay, bring a towel for the dust, and have a good time! Horizon Dog Park is located at 15444 North 100th Street.

Vista Del Camino Park

The off-leash area in Vista Del Camino park is about a half acre and is less crowded than Chaparral or Horizon. It’s a hidden gem that also boasts a shaded area, benches, and doggy water fountains. Another great perk of this particular dog park is that the larger Vista Del Camino Park and Community Center offers easy access to a lake, picnic areas, and on-leash paths to take your pup for a long, relaxing walk. Vista Del Camino’s off-leash area is located at 7800 East Pierce Street.

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