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So you’re going away? ….and your pets know it.

Are these the main reasons for a pet sitter in Arizona? Rex sits and stares at you with sad, soulful eyes. Mittens jumps into your suitcase, clambering back every time you remove her so you can pack.

Whether you’re leaving for a week or weekend (or longer) leaving your pets is a primary concern; for them as well as you. Pet parents worry about their dogs and cats as much as human parents worry about their children.

You could ask your neighbors to freshen their food and water, but that’s an imposition for them as it is with adult family members. Plus, you wonder if they would know what to do in an emergency. Have they ever cared for an animal other than their own. What if they forget to stop by? If you’re concerned about these items, and more, it’s time to hire a pet sitter in Arizona.

Reasons for and Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter:

reasons for a pet sitter

Pet sitters are qualified and professional.

No more worrying about Fido accidentally missing a meal. Sitters care deeply about the animals in their care. They make sure all your pets needs are being met to per your request.

Your pets will have companionship.

Your furry friends will be walked and played with according to their own established schedule, and to your instructions. Walks will always be on time, and your pets’ unique favorite things will be there for them. Does Rex have a favorite squeaky toy? Does Mittens go nuts for the elusive red dot? We’re on it.

Familiarity breeds no stress.

One of our favorite reasons for a pet sitter is this. Surrounding your pets with familiar smells, sights, and sounds is comforting. Also, your pets will have their normal meals at the normal times, and sleep in their very own comfortable beds, stress-free and happy. Find a pet sitter in Arizona that services the areas near your home.

Home care is safest.

By staying at home, your pets won’t come into contact with other – possibly unvaccinated or sick – animals, as they might at a boarding kennel. They stay on their own routine and diet. Pet sitters receive training in health issues and animal first aid, including pet CPR. They’ll immediately update you with any concerns, and follow your instructions.

One on One Time

Reasons for a pet sitter, #5.Unlike a boarding facility, our pet sitters are spending one-on-one time with your pet. There won’t be other unfamiliar animals competing for a caregiver’s attention.

Home security.

It’s an added benefit: your home is less likely to come to the attention of unsavory types if there’s ongoing activity and someone’s clearly there. Closing blind and turning on/off lights is part of what we do.

Best Reasons for a Pet Sitter in Arizona

One of the best reasons for a pet sitter is that your pets are part of your family. They unfailingly provide companionship and unconditional love. Hiring a pet sitter is returning the favor in some ways.

We know that separation is hard on both of you. It’s a pet sitter’s job to keep your furry friends safe and happy, and your home secure, while you’re away.

Find a reputable pet sitter, like TLC Pet Sitter. They often cost less than a boarding kennel and they’re well worth the price!

For More Information

If you have questions about this topic or general questions about pet care, you can contact Kara Jenkins, Owner of TLC House & Pet Sitting. We are also available by email at info@tlcpetsitter.com. View more of our articles on pets here.