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Once you have determined that a pet sitter is the best solution for the care of your pets, hiring the right pet sitter is the next step.  Finding the right pet sitter will make the pet sitting experience an enjoyable one for both you and your pets.  On the other hand, making an uninformed decision about who will be caring for your beloved pets and home could have disastrous results.

Finding a Potential Pet Sitter

With the convenience of the internet, a qualified, professional pet sitter can be found quite easily.  Choose a source that you trust, such as the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List.  Also, visit the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters website www.petsitters.org for information on pet sitters in your area.  Recommendations from friends and family are also a great resource.

Once You Find a Potential Pet Sitter

  • Be sure to conduct a thorough interview of the person who will be caring for your pets and who will have access to your home while you are away.
  • Ask for a list of client references.
  • Ask the sitter for proof of bonding and insurance coverage, as well as any other certifications that the sitter may have.  Some sitters may have animal CPR certifications or Vet Tech experience.
  • Make sure the sitter has an opportunity to bond with your pets and observe the sitter’s behavior as well as your pet’s behavior to determine if they are a good match.
  • Determine your needs, your pet’s needs, and your budget, as pet sitting fees may vary.
  • Communicate your needs and your pet’s needs clearly to your pet sitter, so they may understand your expectations while you are away.
  • Follow up with the pet sitter afterwards, and communicate your positive and/or negative experiences, so they may improve upon their services.
  • Work on creating a long lasting relationship with your pets and your pet sitter, so your pets will truly feel “at home” every time you are away.

For more information on this topic and many others, please visit the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters website at:  www.petsitters.org