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The importance of exercise for pets cannot be overstated. Plainly said, if your dog is overweight, they aren’t getting enough exercise. And, like humans, being overweight can lead to health issues in your pets.

exercise for pets
This pup is overweight

According to the Experts

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention tells us that out of America’s 77.5 million dogs, 35 million can be considered overweight. Of those, 6.7 million are considered obese. Those extra pounds can take an average of two years from our dogs’ lives. In addition, this extra weight contributes to joint problems, respiratory diseases and a host of other ailments that can affect a pet’s quality of life. Exercise for pets can manage some of these issues.

Effects of Exercise for Pets

Evenmore, it is not just your dog’s physical health that is adversely affected by a lack of exercise. Regular exercise and companionship are critical to your pet’s mental and physical well-being. A stimulating break in a lonely day can curb destructive behavior and alleviate separation anxiety in your pet. Exercise helps promote a daily bathroom routine and breaks the lifestyle cycle that leads to obesity.

Benefits for Your Pets

Also, a dog accustomed to regular exercise is generally a better candidate for training. Activity reduces stress and a calmer dog is less aggressive. A happier and calmer dog is usually less destructive. That’s good news for pet owners, too.

Getting Started with Exercise

Of course, like us, dogs that have spent their lives as couch potatoes are not ready to leap into a vigorous exercise routine. At TLC House and Pet Sitters, our sitters/walkers are aware of this. We are attuned to the exercise requirements and capabilities of different breeds at different times in their lives. We will not give a dog more to do on a walk than what they are capable of. 

exercise for pets

With most us working full-time, or even more, pets don’t always fit into a busy schedule. The good news is that with a 20-minute walk with a TLC sitter every day your dog will walk far enough in his lifetime to cross the United States? However, dogs aren’t the only pets that benefit from exercise. Your TLC sitter will play with your cat or let your hamster out for a run on the wheel during a scheduled visit.  Of course, in Arizona, all dog walking is kept to a minimum in the summer months.  TLC sitters will exercise your pets without having to walk dogs outside.  With TLC, exercise for pets is easier than you might think.

For More Information

If you have questions about this topic or general questions about pet care, you can contact Kara Jenkins, Owner of TLC House & Pet Sitting. We are also available by email at info@tlcpetsitter.com. View more of our articles on pets here.