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Scottsdale Pet Sitter

Locked out? Call your pet sitter

What to do when you’re locked out of your home and don’t want to face astronomical locksmith charges in Scottsdale, AZcall your pet sitter, they usually have a key!

This Scottsdale family came through the ordeal of finding themselves locked out of their home smiling when they remembered that their TLC Pet Sitter had a key.

Benefits of leaving a key with TLC Pet Sitters

  1. TLC Scottsdale Pet Sitters are insured & bonded
  2. Keeping a key on file with their trusted TLC Pet Sitter saved them a lot of time and money.
  3. Not all locksmiths are trustworthy.  TLC can refer you to several trusted vendors to meet any of your home or pet care needs. (Imagine if your air conditioner went out while you were on vacation! We can refer trusted professionals that you can depend on to take care of the matter before you return home).
  4. TLC has a key coding system that ensures that only a TLC Pet Sitter knows which key belongs to your home.  This maintains your safety and privacy.

Scottsdale Arizona

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