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Scottsdale Family Prepares for a New Puppy

Scottsdale AZ puppyPuppy Preparedness Tips for Scottsdale AZ

  1. Family Puppy Meeting: who will feed the puppy and when, who will take the puppy out to potty and when, and who will take the little guy to the vet for vaccinations and deworming.  Another topic for discussion was an agreement on the language that the family will use to teach the puppy.
  2. Puppy Shopping: puppy food, food/water bowls, bedding, collar, leash, tags, crate, chew toys, and grooming supplies.
  3. Puppy-proofing a Scottsdale home: taping loose electrical cords to baseboards, putting poisonous chemicals out-of-reach, de-cluttering items within puppy’s reach, and putting up gates or a crate.
  4. In the beginning:  keep the same food brand and feeding schedule, then switched to a different food brand incrementally after about a week.
  5.  Maintaining a puppy routine: eating, sleeping, going potty, play time, time with the family and time alone helped their puppy to adapt to the new environment.

The arrival of a new puppy brought such delight to one Scottsdale AZ family’s home and preparing for the event helped the puppy and Scottsdale family to feel comfortable right away.

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