Halloween is just around the corner, and you might have already fetched all the decorations out of the garage, planning and anticipating a festive and fun-filled night with friends. However, we often forget to consider our furry little friends, amidst the fun, frolic and excitement attributed to Halloween. Pet owners tend to ignore how a simple night where everyone just seem to have fun, can probably affect their pets. Animals are sensitive and very receptive to vibes; they are easily stimulated and can get startled within an instance. Given the nature of Halloween, there is just too much going on for your pets to take in and stay calm.

To ensure that the Halloween night is safe for your pet while being fun and thrilling for you, here are the things you and your friends can do to keep your pet happy and out of danger.

You like candy – Your pet does not!

Do not feed your dog or your cat any candy. It might seem like nothing but it can be poison for your pet. Feeding chocolate to your pet can give them diarrhea, disrupt their breathing, cause a seizure and in extreme cases, even cause death. Make sure you do not feed the treats to your pet, and let your friends and family know they should refrain from doing so. Make a tag with ‘no pet feeding’ written over it put it outside your door so the kids around the block would refrain from doing so.

Let’s not put a tutu on your dog

We understand how you cannot wait to put on your Halloween costume on, but putting one on your pet should be reconsidered. Animals do not feel the same way about clothes as we do. They are more relaxed when they are how they naturally are, in their own skin. If you must dress them up, make sure the costume is loose, airy and breathable for your pet. Also, make sure the fabric is not irritating for their skin otherwise they would simply chew off the costume.

Do not let the dog out – and here we mean it!

With all the noise and hoo-hah going on outside, it is very likely that your pet can get startled and spooked in between all that. Cats and dogs can go into shock if they see something uncomfortable. Moreover, there are always kids in your neighborhood who cannot seem to leave your pet alone. Keep your pet inside so the chances of your pet getting in their hands are reduced to none.

Keep the lights off your pet

Keep the wires and decorative objects away from you’re your pet’s reach or it is possible they can get tangled up in them, chew them off, or get electrocuted.

Make sure your pet returns home

No matter how careful you are, there are always chances of your pet getting loose and getting lost. Which is why put a nametag along with address around their neck is important, so even if such thing happens, they can always be returned to home. You can also put a tracking chip inside the nametag so they always remain on your watch.