6 Tips for Dog Walking

Even if you do not like it, your dog definitely likes to take a stroll. You may be surprised by these tips for dog walking. After all, dog walking seems pretty easy.  Dog walking is essential for maintaining your pet’s health and keeping them happy and active. Therefore, if you do not have the habit of taking your dog out every morning or evening, you should get started with at least twice a week and let the habit build. Dog owners will enjoy these tips for dog walking. They will help you master the art of dog walking sooner than you think.

1.      Lead your dog

Always walk in front of your dog or by its side. If your dog is ahead of you, it will keep dragging you along with it and you will never know who is walking whom. Dogs are naturally programmed function in packs so they will only find it natural if you lead them. Make sure you are the first one to step outside your house every morning and the first one to step in when coming back from the walk.

2.      Switch to shorter dog leash

Many believe that having longer leashes would allow your dog to walk freely, but longer leashes mean less control and increased chances of your dog running in the middle of the road with you running after. Shorter leashes allow you greater control on your dog and you can easily direct and train them. However, when buying the leash, make sure it is not hard on the skin and not hazardous in any way.

3.      Set aside fixed hour each morning

Dogs are diurnal and they like morning walks, so set aside an hour every morning for the walk. However, the need may vary from breed to breed, so have your dog’s vet tell you how much time a day would be suitable for your dog’s health.

4.      Let your dog sniff around

Dogs like to sniff around. It is their playtime activity and they enjoy it more than anything else. This is how they gather all the information about what is going around them. You as a dog owner should know how important this walk is for their health and mental stimulation. If you do not want to stop at every step while your dog sniffs every next thing, you can loosen the leash for a bit after a while so you can walk without constantly running after your dog.

5.      Do not forget to treat your dog!

Dogs are famous for learning through reinforcement method – treat them when they behave good to promote that behavior and turn it into habit Every time you complete a run or a walk with your dog, treat them with their favorite meal and give them plenty of water to replenish from the walking and sniffing. By doing this, you will be conditioning your dog in a way through which they will look forward to daily walks.

6.      Clean what he leaves behind

A good dog walker is also a good citizen. Clean up dog poop if they leave any on the walk and properly dispose it off. It won’t be a pleasant thing to do, especially when you are out on a good sunny day but it only makes you a good dog owner and a responsible neighbor.