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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm with Visitors

Dogs are a wonderful part of the family. They show their affection in many ways. With so much love to give, they want to jump on everyone. While it may seem cute at first, this is not a good behavior long-term. Jumping can be troublesome when guests arrive at your home, especially for the very young or old.  Teaching your dog proper manners when someone comes to visit is good for everyone. Fear not if your dog is no longer a puppy as It is never too late to teach your dog new tricks. There are a few tried and true tips you can use to get your dog to stop jumping on your guests.

Be the Pack Leader

A dog pack always has an established hierarchy. Every pack needs an alpha leader. Your dog’s instinct is to try to be the pack leader. However, if you assert yourself as the alpha, he will follow your lead.  A dog jumping is just another way of establishing control over you. This is how the dog shows his dominance. Your dog may continue this behavior with guests. When your dog jumps on someone, he is showing who is in charge of the house. For the best results, you’ll want to work to correct this behavior right away and as often as it happens. As a pack leader, you’ll need to show your dog the appropriate behaviors.

Keeping Your Dog Calm at the Door

If your dog is a little hyper, the ringing doorbell can set him into motion. He may not be able to contain his joy when visitors arrive. That can be uncomfortable for guests, especially for those afraid of jumping dog. Working to calm your dog before the door opens can prove very helpful. This may mean taking a few moments to help him settle down. This will help him to understand that he’ll need to be calm before greeting guests. The best solution is to put him in a down or sit position. If you continue to work with him, the dog will associate the doorbell with these commands. Once your dog is calm and attentive, he can greet your guests. It may also be a good idea to let your guests know you are working with your dog. This can help avoid anyone opening the door before the dog is relaxed and quiet.

Reinforcing Good Behavior

A dog that jumps will often get a lot of attention and love. In the dog’s mind, he is being rewarded for this behavior. You might not realize it, but this is reinforcing a bad habit. There are a few ways to keep this from happening. As much as you love your dog, never show affection if he jumps on you. When he jumps, simply ignore him. Try, instead, focusing on reinforcing good behavior. Try keeping a few treats by the front door. When he starts to jump, you must immediately put him in a sit or down position. Once he has done that, he can be rewarded. He will start to associate the good behavior with treats and affection. This is the type of behavior you want to reward.

Remember, it’s never too late to train your dog to have good or better behaviors when your guests arrive.

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