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Preparing for a Pet Sitting Job

How to Be Well Prepared for a Pet Sitting Job

There is a lot more to pet-sitting than simply showing up to the pet owner’s house and giving the animal a treat or two. First of all, you need to have the right aptitude for the job. As rewarding as the pet-sitting experience can be, it is also a very challenging one. If you don’t have the qualifications or skills to excel, you may be in for a tough time. Preparing for a pet sitting job is essential. So let’s have a look at some of the things you need to consider before you decide to pet-sit.

1)   Make sure you actually want the job

You might believe that pet-sitting is easy enough for anyone to do it, but the truth is that there are certain qualifications you need to have. You absolutely need to be an animal lover. After all, you’ll be spending hours with animals, and if you don’t like having animals around you, you’re not going to have a pleasant time. You should also have a calm temperament, as well as low-stress levels since pet-sitting does not often run like clockwork. Plus, you should be organized and self-motivated so you can manage your schedule even with multiple clients, and can track the requirements of numerous pets of different species and sizes.

2)   Get yourself liability insurance

Professional pet sitters would do well to look into commercial liability insurance in order to cover potential incidents or accidents. This way, if there’s been any damage inside the client’s home, you won’t be liable for it. You also won’t be liable for any injuries caused by an out-of-control dog. Of course, if you work for a pet-sitting organization, you’ll already be covered by its policies, though you should still remain knowledgeable about your personal coverage. If you don’t, shop around for the most favorable rates and coverage.

3)   Get certified

Of course, this isn’t a pre-requisite to becoming a pet sitter, but professional training indicates to clients that you take your job seriously. Not only does it allow you to impress your clients, but it can also open up opportunities like working for a pet sitting agency or business. Many organizations now provide pet-sitters with the training they need in order to perform their jobs exceedingly well. Pet Sitters International and the Professional Pet Sitters can be approached to provide you with general training for pet sitting.