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Top 10 Things to Look For In A Pet Sitter in Scottsdale

Planning a trip away from your beloved pets is much less stressful when you have the peace-of-mind in knowing that your pet sitter is going to care for your pets in a loving, attentive manor.  Take the time to research the available pet sitters in your area well in advance, in order to find the perfect pet sitter for your pets.  When searching for the right pet sitter, here are the top 10 things you should consider, as recommended by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters:

  1. Make sure that your pet sitter is bonded and/or has commercial liability insurance.
  2. If your pet sitter is hired with a pet sitting company, inquire as to his/her experience, training, and if a background check is performed prior to hiring.
  3. Research the pet sitting company through agencies such as the Better Business Bureau.
  4. Request and review your sitter’s references.
  5. Ask your sitter for literature on the company, their services, and their rates.
  6. The pet sitter should offer to meet with you prior to your departure in order to become familiar with your home and pets.
  7. Your pet sitter’s personality, attitude, and confidence level during your initial consultation will help you to judge whether he/she will provide the specialized care that you desire for your pets.
  8. Once an agreement is reached for pet sitting services, make sure your pet sitter provides a detailed, accurate contract for the services offered and the fees charged.
  9. Ask your pet sitter about their emergency and contingency plans in the event that your pet needs urgent veterinary care or the pet sitter is unable to perform services due to a personal emergency. Be sure to collect your pet sitter’s contact information, office hours, and a way to reach them outside of office hours in case of an emergency.
  10. Inquire as to your pet sitter’s policy after you return home.  A responsible pet sitter will be sure to verify that you have returned home safely and your pets are safe as well.  Your pet sitter should also provide an opportunity for feedback regarding their services, as a tool to grow and improve their business.

Taking the time to follow these simple guidelines will help you to find the most qualified pet sitter to provide personalized care for your pets.  While you are away from home, you will rest easily knowing that your pets and home are cared for by a trusted, caring professional pet sitter.