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Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

A client’s friend  just passed away in Sun City and left behind a beautiful, approx. 80 lb., Burmese Mountain Dog.  Seth is 4.5 years old, great with kids,good in the house, loves people, playful yet calm, He is NOT neutered.  Seth is an orphaned  Swiss Bernese Mtn. Dog.  He weighs 90 lbs, height 25″ tall, has all his shots, in not neutered, loves kids and is good around the family.  Likes other dogs and has a great temperament.  Very gentle and loving.

KC is a busy real estate broker/corp. managing broker* and isn’t home enough to be fair to “Seth,”, so KC is looking for good home for this good, but now lonely, boy who misses his daddy…

If you know anyone who’d like a sweet, wonderful dog, please email her KC at kcyga@cox.net Or Marilyn at 480-614-8528     or  480-751-8145


Scottsdale Arizona

Pet Care,  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

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Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Mesa AZ Dog Food Alert

Mesa Dog Owners Advised of Kibble Quality Issues

Mesa AZ Dog Food AlertMost Mesa dog owners are unaware of the harmful process that kibble goes through before it reaches the mouths of their best friend.  A recent article in  Dogs Naturally Magazine  discussed in detail the potential health risks associated with inferior kibble food.

Did you know that processing kibble requires all vitamins and minerals to be stripped from the product – and then – they’re added back in (usually in synthetic form) to provide the nutrition dogs need.

This process of adding vitamins and minerals back into kibble is problematic for a couple of reasons:

  •  Vitamins and minerals added into the dog food come in what are called as a “premix” form which are often bought from producers overseas where the production standards are very low.
  • Many kibble premixes are created with synthetic vitamins and minerals  may cause toxicity in your pet’s body.

Research has shown that the best alternative for providing your dog with vitamins and minerals would be through whole foods.  Only through whole foods, will your dog receive all of the necessary ingredients from each food in order to process the beneficial vitamins and nutrients they provide.

Next time you are shopping for dog food in Mesa, compare the labels between the leading kibble brand and a quality whole food brand of dog food.

Mesa Arizona

Dog Care, Walking & Pet Sitting

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Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC Earns Angie’s List Super Service Award Award


TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC

 Earns Coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects businesses’ consistently high level of customer service

TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor bestowed annually on approximately 5 percent of all the businesses rated on the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies.

“TLC House & Pet Sitting Service is proud to provide professional pet sitting services to our clients, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize the passion and dedication exhibited by each of our sitters,” stated Kara Jenkins, owner of TLC House & Pet Sitting Service,.

Kara Jenkins of TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC provides professional pet sitting services tailored to clients and their pets in their natural home environment.  With over 20 years of experience, their mission is to provide qualified, experienced, trusted and personalized care to their clients by offering them peace-of-mind while they are away.  Licensed, bonded, and insured, TLC has been caring for all types of pets in Arizona since 2001 as the best “Alternative to Boarding.”  480-588-1364 (1DOG) ext 0info@tlcpetsitter.com  P. O. Box 7864 Chandler, AZ, 85246 www.tlcpetsitter.com 

“Only a fraction of the businesses rated on Angie’s List can claim the sterling customer service record of being a Super Service Award winner because we set a high bar,” said Angie’s List FounderAngie Hicks. “The fact that TLC House & Pet Sitting Service, LLC can claim Super Service Award status speaks volumes about its dedication to consumers

Angie’s List Super Service Award winners have met strict eligibility requirements including earning a minimum number of reports, an exemplary rating from their customers and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Service business ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List, but members can find the 2011 Super Service Award logo next to business names in search results on AngiesList.com.


Angie’s List collects consumer reviews on local contractors and doctors in more than 500 service categories. Currently, more than 1 million consumers across the U.S. rely on Angie’s List to help them make the best hiring decisions. Members get unlimited access to local ratings via Internet or phone, exclusive discounts, the Angie’s List magazine and help from the Angie’s List complaint resolution service. Take a quick tour of Angie’s List and view the latest Angie’s List news.

Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Arizona Humane Society Overcrowding

According to a report featured on Fox News on February 20, 2012, the Arizona Humane Society is facing an overabundance of Chihuahua’s. Representatives at the Arizona Humane Society estimate that Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls make up more than 30% of all dogs currently up for adoption.  Many are strays.  However, The Humane Society has noticed an uptick in pet owners and caregivers dropping off Chihuahuas.  To watch the recent Fox News Report regarding an overpopulation of Chihuahuas in Arizona pounds, click the following link: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1463283048001/chihuahua-overload-in-arizona-pounds

The Arizona Humane Society is in need of adoptive families who would like to provide a loving, caring home for a Chihuahua in need.They will help those who are interested in the adoption process in order to find the right pet.

According to the Arizona Humane Society, Chihuahuas are small dogs that require minimal exercise as well as minimal coat care.  They are a tolerant breed and are described as “accepting of attention; slow to accept family friends, but will form a weak bond after many pleasant experiences; uncomfortable in crowds greater than five and will ignore or sniff and walk away.” (Dog Breed Characteristics 2006,www.azhumane.org ).  Chihuahuas are happiest when they are the only dogs in the household, because they love their owner’s undivided attention.  However, they do adjust moderately well with cats and other small pets.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a Chihuahua, please contact the Arizona Humane Society.

Information provided by www.azhumane.org andhttp://video.foxnews.com/v/1463283048001/chihuahua-overload-in-arizona-pounds

Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Possible Recall for Kirkland Pet Food

At the end of December, a local kennel donated 12 cases of Kirkland canned Lamb and Rice dog food. They said it was too rich for their dog because they all got sick. Did not think any problem with the food. I fed to my dogs, and to visiting dogs. Diarrhea for all dogs, puppy threw up 15 times. She survived…Tesla and Dino did not.

I contacted the company on Jan. 3 to say all dogs got sick. They said they did not produce that food. Four weeks later, one dead dog, next week, another dead dog. Finally got a response with…tell Costco. I contacted Costco, and then they contacted the manufacturer. Who wants a sample of the food. Mind you…this similar food was recalled in 2007-2009 for melamine contamination. Over 400 dogs died. I filed a report and waiting for request for the sample of food.

I need to put out a warning of possible food contamination….is not
verified yet…but the vet and I feel it will be. The*Kirkland Canned Lamb
and Rice with expiration 2013. The cans I have say June 23, 2013*. Please
let your friends know. It would have been purchased in Nov.-Dec. 2012.
Please anyone that has a can to contact me directly. Do not return to
Costco. We need to let everyone know so more dogs don’t die.

Renee Carleton

Tania Camarillo
HCWS Dog Coordinator



HELP IS NEEDED FOR THE DOGS RESCUED FROM VALEN’TAILS….We took many dogs that did not get adopted at the valentails event. We were promised we would have help with advertising and collecting funds if we took these dogs…One very nice lady donated boarding for 10 days. A couple of the dogs have been adopted, however, the rest are in danger of returning to animal control. Our boarding cost currently is $1,000.00 per week. We are desperate for fosters and donations. With out help we will have no choice. The thought of them going back is killing us, but we are out of funds. Please spread the word…I will update a list of dogs in desperate need of foster this weekend. Please stay tuned. Thank you in advance. Donations can be made via paypal atwww.valleyofthesundogrescue.com if you are interested in fostering please email Kathy atswaney21586@hotmail.com

Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Rusty needs a home






I received an email from a woman named Rita Ippolito who is looking to find a home for a cutie named Rusty.  She found him on Thanksgiving Day and brought him home. When she finally located the owner, he told her that he didn’t want his dog back.  Rita tried to have him fit in at her home with her 3 other dogs. Four dogs was a lot for her to handle so she wants to find Rusty a good home.  He is neutered, healthy, active and about 18 months old. He is a bit of a loner, not the kind of dog that will snuggle with you, but he does love to have his belly rubbed, loves to be outside and will jump right in the pool. He doesn’t like to go in a crate and he very rarely barks. She doesn’t know how he is with little kids because her daughters are older. He doesn’t get over excited when people are around. He is still very much a puppy and loves to chew. The vet thought he was German Shepherd /Corgi mix. He weighs about 30 pounds has big floppy ears and is very cute. There is a photo attached.  Please contact Rita Ippolito at azreeree@aol.com or (480) 888-5267 if you can help.  Please forward on.  She was kind enough to get him off the streets and does not want to take him to the pound


Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Sweet dog needs a new home

This sweet dog needs a new home.  Her owners had to leave her behind when they moved to Australia.

Her name is Aysha and she is 9 years old.  She’s been spayed and is current on all shots and was just given a clean health record.

She loves to play ball and go for walks. She loves to be active.  She is good with other animals and people, but doesn’t like to be crowded.

She would probably do best in a home without small children.  She needs a calm environment but needs to be active.

She has a bit of arthritis in her back right leg.  She takes medication for the few seizures she’s had in the past.

Please, take a look at her picture and pass along if you or anyone you know might be interested in meeting her.

Feel free to contact her foster, Mat, by email: mdry975@hotmail.com. contact Staci at  480-747-8605.


Staci Fallek

Burmese Mountain Dog Needs a home

Help find a lost Service dog


Golden lab mix

Candy lost service dog


Please help, there is a lost service dog in the East Valley, Awatukee area. She got away from a groomer near 40th St and Chandler Blvd
Thursday 2/2/12. Candy is a 7 year old Golden Retriever and she is a Service Dog for an autistic teenager.  The family has posted the info on craigs list and petfinders.com and Facebook.  If you see Candy, please contact Mark Weishaar at 602-723-8985